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        1. ทดลองใช้ฟรี โรงแรม คา สิ โน ลา ส เว กั ส

          Serving the Legislative Assembly

          The Auditor General examines and reports on how well the provincial government accounts for the resources entrusted to it, and how well it manages its operations. This is achieved by conducting objective, fact-based financial statement audits and project audits.

          Supported by a staff of more than 55 individuals, the Auditor General serves the Legislative Assembly, and in turn, all Manitobans.

          Manitobans – and especially public servants – are encouraged to utilize the Auditor General’s confidential citizen concerns line to report suspected mismanagement, misuse of assets, or fraud within the provincial government.

          All visitors are encouraged to explore this website to learn more. Audit reports going back more than 2 decades are available for download. More information is also available under the About and Resources tabs.

          News Releases

          Display News Releases From

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          Auditor General releases report on Forensic Audits

          WINNIPEG – Manitoba Auditor General Norm Ricard today released his report Forensic Audits – a volume which contains the results of 3 separate forensic audits. Forensic audits typically involve examining risks, concerns or allegations of fraud, or other illegal or unethical conduct. The Report includes a total of 18 recommendations. The 3 audits include:
          • Pharmacare: Special Audit of Financial Irregularities and Controls
          • Thompson District Office: Special Audit of Missing Licences and Cash Management Practices
          • Rural Municipality of De Salaberry: Audit of Financial Irregularities.

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          Auditor General releases report on eChart

          WINNIPEG – Auditor General Norm Ricard today released his report, eChart Manitoba, which includes 15 recommendations.   In Manitoba, personal health information is stored on a number of electronic systems, each with its own clinical objective. Launched in 2010 by eHealth Manitoba, eChart pulls information from many of these systems, giving authorized health care providers quick and easy access to their patients’ medical histories. Authorized users include physicians, nurses, administrative staff and other health-care professionals.  

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          Auditor General Highlights Concerns with Government's 2017/18 Financial Statements

          Auditor General Norm Ricard has expressed concerns with Manitoba's 2017/18 summary financial statements, released by the government today.

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          Vérifications des comptes publics et des autres états financiers

          WINNIPEG – Le vérificateur général du Manitoba, M.?Norm?Ricard, recommande à la Province de ne plus déclarer les déficits ou les excédents des opérations fondamentales du gouvernement dans les documents destinés au public, étant donné que ces chiffres présentent un tableau incomplet de la performance du gouvernement.

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          Public Accounts and Other Financial Statement Audits

          WINNIPEG – Manitoba Auditor General Norm Ricard recommends that the province not report core government deficits or surpluses in public-facing documents, noting these figures present an incomplete picture of government performance.

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          Operations of the Office - for the year ended March 31, 2018

          WINNIPEG – Manitoba Auditor General Norm Ricard today released his report, Operations of the Office, which summarizes the office’s activities in 2017-18 and outlines upcoming projects and priorities.

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          Perspectives on Climate Change Action in Canada

          Federal Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development releases report from Canada’s auditors general on climate change action.

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          Several key recommendations not implemented three years after being issued

          WINNIPEG – Manitoba Auditor General Norm Ricard today released his report Follow-up of Recommendations. The report gives the implementation status as of Sept. 30, 2017 for 224 Auditor General recommendations made between January 2014 and July 2016. The Auditor General supports the Public Accounts Committee of the Legislative Assembly by following up on the status of past recommendations for three consecutive years, beginning 18 months after being issued. This is the Auditor General’s final follow up for 100 of the 224 recommendations in the report. Ricard notes only 67 of these 100 recommendations have been implemented.
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